Candice Scorey

Three Dimensional Art Creations

I am a Mixed Media Artist and live near Godolphin on the breezy slopes of Tregonning Hill.

In love with upcycling and reusing forgotten treasures and antiques, I constantly find myself inspired by Cornwall and its myths, legends and tales of old.

I work to create new pieces using the things I have saved and found.

Because of the freedom it offers, I work in mixed media, using acrylics, mixed metal leaf and often using and incorporating antique and vintage items to create unique, elaborate pieces with the freeform sculptural features of Polymer Art Clay.

In 1992 I won the Benfield Award for Outstanding Craftsmanship, going on to work in antique picture frame restoration and then in to the Design and Print Industry. I have been fortunate to also have benefitted from experience working in a bronze foundry. I use the skills I have learned through these experiences to create my unique artwork.