Lorna Hirst Johnson

I have been a member of the Cowhouse gallery for a number of years and love being in a gallery run by the artists themselves.
Living and working in St. Ives, I am a member of the Arts Club. I am also with Taking Space, a group of women artists who regularly have exhibitions in St. Ives Arts Club, The Crypt gallery and The Salthouse gallery.
Although mainly self taught, I studied several courses at the Penzance School of Art. I took abstract painting in acrylics with Russell Hedges who is an inspiring teacher who made me love abstraction.
My paintings are often instinctive and I would say almost visionary. I am mainly attracted to abstract styles but I occasionally work in watercolour producing landscapes and portraits.
In recent years I have taken inspiration from my Dad who began sculpting in clay upon his retirement. This made me take another course at college for sculpture. I enjoyed this class so much with Janeve Bainbridge that I have continued to make sculpture ever since. My sculptures are created with heavily grogged clay which I find makes them much easier to paint. I paint my pieces with colourful acrylic paints which merge and flow together on the clay surface.
Growing up in California the American culture has had a big effect on me. In particular the Native American themes which inspired me to make wolves, cow skulls and buffalo heads. I am mostly influenced by the weird and wonderful and my love for animals. I am passionate about my art and wish I had started sculpture years ago.
All my sculptures are original one off pieces. I look forward to making many more.


Lorna Johnson