Sara Taylor

My inspiration for my work comes from the rugged coastline and how the ever changing light produces many different colours and textures in the sea, sand and rock formations found in the Cornish landscape.

I hand build my pieces starting with a pinch pot, then adding coils and slabs of many different clays, I then add colour by adding body stains and oxides. I also use locally dug clay to add an element of place and a connection to my pots. I then burnish the surface with a pebble which gives a slight sheen after firing.

My pieces have to dry out very slowly before firing, which can take up to four weeks. This is due to each clay having different quantities of grog which gives the clay body and structure.  Drying out all these elements quickly, will produce many cracks as each clay dries at a different rate but by controlling the drying process, hopefully reduces the probability this happening.


Sara Taylor