Introducing Associate Member Sally A Tully

This month we are focusing on Sally A Tully, an Associate member of The Cowhouse Gallery

Sally has been making pottery for 17 years now and has a B.A.(Hons) in Applied Arts so also makes glass and jewellery from time to time and paints using mixed media. Sally’s pottery is predominantly “Raku” fired which means that there is a certain happen chance to how each pot ends up. She could make the same shaped pot 20 times but because of the firing technique every one would come out looking slightly different. Sally compares her fetching the pots out of their sawdust bin to Christmas Day, its very like seeing what presents you have been given by the fire and smoke.

IMG_0015                IMG_0019

Sally also teaches a Higher Education Access course in Art and Design in Plymouth City College and thoroughly enjoy sharing her knowledge of materials and methods with others and helping set them on the path to their Degrees.

Along with her partner (who is a sculptural potter) Sally and Hazel make up The Alternative Potters and  take part in Cornwall Open Studios every year and love people coming and seeing what they produce.

IMG_0120              IMG_0636            IMG_0625

You can find more images of Sally’s work on facebook at


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