Introducing Associate Member James Powell

James Powell has been an associate member of The Cowhouse for several years.

Jimagination Creations, based in Camborne, has been going for almost nine years now. Jim takes his inspiration from Cornwall and nature in general. He started with boxes and furniture – which are still hugely popular, especially the surfboard furniture and quirky bookcases in the shape of trees or lighthouses or his fun jewellery boxes in the shape of animals. Jim is a self-taught woodworker, learning by designing and making. He diversified into laser technology 3 years ago and now designs and produces an ever growing range of laser cut and engraved products from A5 book covers to keyrings, bookmarks and more recently lampshades.

Jimagination Creations - PROMOTIONAL PIC - SURFBOARD CHAIR Jimagination Creations Owl jewellery box


You can find more of Jimagination Creations work and find out about upcoming events, commissioning a piece and stockists on his website , or on his Facebook and instagram pages

_MG_4332 blue butterfly box 1 Jimagination Creations A5 NOTEBOOK COVERSJimagination Creations booktree 1


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