Apply to Join The Cowhouse Gallery

Application for prospective Members and Associates.

Members of The Cowhouse Gallery comprise a group of artists and craftspeople living in Cornwall.
New members and Associates are invited to apply to join the gallery on the basis of their work and how this would fit in with existing work at the gallery.
We keep a waiting list and will contact prospective candidates when a vacancy arises.

All full members have equal say in the running of the gallery and meet once a month to discuss any matters.
Full members pay a monthly fee to cover the running costs of the gallery.
Full members spend half a day per week (or a day per fortnight) manning the gallery.
The proceeds of any sale go directly to the artist concerned and no commission is paid to the gallery (other than a small % on credit and debit card sales).

We also allocate space to a number of associate members, who pay no monthly fees, however the gallery takes a commission for any sales. As such associates have a more limited space in the gallery.

If you are interested in applying to join The Cowhouse Gallery please call in to pick up an application form and submit this, along with some examples of your work for review at the gallery.